Birth Certificate Apostille

A person’s birth certificate is one of the most important documents in their life. Apart from Social Security and other concerns, you may need to get one for a variety of reasons, such as applying for a passport, school entrance, and so on. On the other hand, a Birth Certificate might play a significant role in one’s global relations. For example, while getting married abroad, asking for a foreign visa or immigration, employment, or investment, to mention a few, a legally verified Birth Certificate Apostille or Legalized by a Foreign Consulate may be required. This leads us to one of the most often requested questions: How do you apostille or legitimize a birth certificate?

Why is Apostille demanded on the Birth Certificate?

It’s part of the apostille authentication process, which allows you to confirm the documents and your own authenticity. Apostille on a birth certificate is required since it is legitimate proof of an individual. It is necessary to verify some purposes. Certificate legalization is a certificate of authenticity, and reliability is vital proof of document strength and connection.

When Birth Certificate Apostille Required?

Birth Certificate Apostille is a required document if a student wishes to study abroad. Normally, the college or university where you are admitted requests a copy of your certificate. It is an essential visa requirement, in addition to educational institutions. It provides essential data such as the country of origin and the date of the person’s nativity.



Documents Requirements for Birth Certificate Apostille

  • Original Attested Birth Certificate.

  • Photocopy of Passport (1st and last page).

Time Taken for Birth Certificate Apostille
The Birth Certificate Apostille procedure is not a one-step or stage process. The offline method may also take two to three weeks to complete because it diversifies several factors, including the nation for which the attestation is required, and the state where the birth certificate was issued.
How much does an Apostille cost for a Birth Certificate?

MEA: An Apostille cost of Rs. 50/- is charged for each document. Normal attestation is provided free of charge.

Outsourced companies: Since the Ministry of External Affairs does not accept birth certificates directly from the applicant/person, all MEA paperwork should be submitted and collected by the specified outsourced organisations for the Attest / Apostille. Outsourced agencies will charge for collection and delivery for Apostille/normal attestation by MEA

  • 22/- (Personal document)


Apostille procedure for Birth Certificate

Acquiring a Birth Certificate Apostille seal is a lengthy process on the legitimacy of the birth certificate in India. However, the procedure has now been assigned to RPOs and branch secretariats. It, therefore, allows individuals to make apostille certificates simpler. The process for authenticating birth certificates used nowadays is as follows:


Notary Attestation

The notary is the first step in every certification process. It provides a stamp as well as a signature. It is the first stage of the Apostille process for a Birth Certificate in India.


Home Department Attestation

The State Home Department is in charge of verifying personal documents. Birth Certificate comes under the Personal document category, for which legalisation is mandatory, as authorities are only employed for document attestation.


SDM Attestation

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate is known as an SDM.  These authorities are an option for the Home department attestation. They work independently.



In this stage, the MEA issues a sticker with the applicant’s information and name. It is the final stage in the Apostille process, and the central government carries it out.

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