Attestation for degree certificate

Degree Certificate Attestation

The degree certificate is required for admission to a foreign college or university or a job in a foreign country. The degree certificate needs to be attested to verify its authenticity.  The attestation process helps get your degree verified and thus makes it easy for any foreign education institution to give you admission.


A degree certificate has generic credentials of an individual, like their name, the kind of courses they studied in, the institute they studied from and the time took to complete an academic course and the marks or grades they received after completion of the system. The process of Apostille legalises and verifies this data and provides assurance to an institute or govt abroad of its authenticity. 

When is Degree Certificate Attestation required?

Attestation provides validation and helps get approval from the home government to allow you entry into another country. Attestation of your degree can be used for travel, admission to any educational institute or for a job.

What documents are needed for an Attestation?

Some of the most common documents are required for degree certificate attestation such as:


  • Degree certificate
  • Mark sheet photocopy
  • Passport photocopy
Degree Attestation Sample
Total time period to get certificate Attestation
Since attestation is a complex and multistep process and concerns various departments of the local government and the embassy, the time it takes for the process to finish depends on many factors, including the country you intend to go to, the state of origin and the type of document required to be attested.
The processing time usually is 10-15 days and may extend to a couple of weeks, depending on other factors involved.
How much does the Expense for Degree Certificate Attestation (in India)?

The attestation cost depends on the country you are heading to, and the fee changes according to destination. The price is also affected by the urgency of the requirement. The cost depends on the location from which the document was issued and upon the add-on services. To know about the cost of attestation charges of your degree certificate, kindly contact us.  

If the degree certificate is in another language and before Apostille, you need the translation in English or an overseas language; the charge applies for it.

We will look at the degree certificate and guide you regarding the total cost incurring to do the attestation job. Contact us to receiving our prompt reply.

THE PROCEDURE FOR degree certificate Attestation

Degree Certificate Attestation Procedure

Attestation of a degree certificate is a multiple-step process. Excellent Apostille provides your documents with the attestation you require for anything, be it job, travel or immigration.


There are four levels of degree attestation.


Regional Level

At this level, your documents are authenticated by the school, university or the notary responsible for issuing the document.


State Level

At the state level, the documents are attested by three departs, namely the State Home Department, The Human Resource Department, and lastly by the SDM/sub-divisional magistrate.


MEA Attestation

Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs is the final step in which the documents are affixed with a sticker or a stamp.


Embassy Attestation

The embassy officials of the country you are heading to attest your documents.

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All you have to do is fill up the form and give us the document and relax. We take care of all the processes involving attestation so that you can relax at home.



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